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Our Privacy Policy

In order to provide ways of personalising the directory for your interests, we need to store this information in some way. This allow us to provide, for example, the ability to add services to your shortlist, or remembering your personal preferences, such as font sizes to use. We do this by saving this information in your local browser storage and/or in cookies.

If you create an account on the site, then we may transfer some or all of this information to our servers in order to allow you to access your preferences between all the devices that you log in on. We will take good care to protect your information and only use this personal information for the purposes of providing this service to you. We will never pass your personal details on to 3rd parties.

Some areas of the site will allow you to post information publicly. In these cases we will always check with you first before posting the information you provide publicly.

We do use carefully considered, third party services to allow us to collect anonymized site usage statistics, performance information and monitoring, in order to improve the site for our users. We will never, however, pass on any identifiable personal information. All information will be anonymised before allowing any third party access to this information.

You can also review the AgeUK Lambeth privacy policy for information on how you can request details of the information we hold, and how to request it be updated or deleted.

Cookies and Local Storage

For details of the cookies we use, pleases see our cookies settings page.

Additional Information

For information on how to remove you personal data from this browser, visit our page on your personal information.


We need to store data in your browser to make the site work. Other data we ask your permission to store.

For more information visit or to select different options the cookies settings page.

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